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Customer Support Personal Service … In a Professional Manner!

What are your hours of operation?

Our agents are here for you and your callers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year! Someone is always available, awake and alert!

We have Management on call should there be any need after the business office is closed. Our business office for sales, training or a general visit is open Monday through Friday during typical business hours.

Why should I choose Tel-Us?

Tel-Us Call Center has over 39 years of experience.  We offer award winning service for all your answering service & call center needs. We customize your account so it works well for you! Our staff work as a team, so when you become our customer, you are getting a whole group of dedicated people working for you!  We care about our clients and their callers and are here to help you succeed in your business.    Why not Tel-Us what you need and let us desgin a great account for you?

Whether you only send us overflow calls, or you completely outsource all your telephone answering needs to us, we are here to take your calls 24/7 365 days a year. We work closely with you to customize your account to fit your order taking, answering service, seminar registration, or other inbound answering needs. We are also a bilingual call
center, so we speak with your callers in either English or Spanish when there is a need.

What types of service do you offer?

We are a 24/7, bilingual, call center and live answering service. We can simply take messages, or we can customize our screens to match more complex call handling. We integrate our software with your needs utilizing your website when applicable.

Our services include, but are not limited to: Answering Service, Order Taking, Ad Response, Assisting your website visitors by answering questions or completing their order, Web Chat, Email Response, Surveys, and even Voicemail services.

We also offer the use of our suite address as your own.  Not a P.O. box!  Virtual Office services include the mailing address, use of our conference room, and you can have our staff answer your calls giving you a complete “virtual office” that keeps your overhead down.

We have customized plans to specifically cater to your needs. If you are unable to find a specific service listed on our web site, please call us. We offer many services besides the ones listed here.

Do you offer bilingual service?

Yes, we do. Our staff is highly skilled in both English and Spanish.

What if I don’t have an office but I don’t want my callers to know?

We will identify ourselves to your callers however you prefer. Our staff is highly competent and trained which means that your clients will believe that we work in your office!  You can call us your reception team, in-take center, customer service representatives, overflow center,  or whatever works for your business.  

Is your Mailing Address a P.O. box number?

No, our mail service customers receive their mail at our own address as if they were leasing here.  We are NOT a P.O. Box and there is no PMB number required.  We are considered a mailing agent for you. 

In addition, we have a conference room available for use on an hourly or daily basis.

How is your staff trained and quality controlled?

We carefully and rigorously train our staff with state-of-the-art interactive programs developed by national trade industry experts; thereby allowing each staff member to benefit from hands-on training prior to dealing with live calls.

Consistent monitoring and interaction by our customer service department assures that quality continues on a daily basis. This should assure you that your business will be in safe and reliable hands.

Do I need an answering service even if I already have an office assistant?

We will be there for your customers when you can’t. Your office assistant cannot be available at all times such as weekends or after work hours.

This is where we step in to fulfill the role of a personal assistant and more. You will never have to miss an important call or opportunity, because you or your assistant were busy attending another task.

Will my callers experience any hold time?

We staff our agents according to our daily statistics. It is our goal to answer by the 2nd ring and never have anyone wait more than the industry’s acceptable standard of 40 seconds.

There are certain times of day when we receive a higher spike of calls and we attempt to schedule accordingly. However, just like any busy office, to say a caller would never be on hold would be a fabrication. Our goal is to work to avoid holds, but if callers must wait, we do our best to minimize that time.

How do call center agents know what questions I need asked of the caller and what information I require?

We understand that the needs of every customer are unique. We ensure that our tele-receptionists have all the relevant information in front of them when needed.

We will strictly follow a script compiled by gathering information from you and instructions provided by you. This makes it a very seamless process. If you ever need to change or add information, we will do so for you.

How do you handle emergency calls?

This is entirely up to you. You decide what an emergency is and we will follow the exact instructions provided to deal with these urgent calls.