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Will I need any special equipment or phone service?

Not at all! We will not clutter your office or home space with bulky equipment. You are required to have the ’call forwarding’ feature on the line(s) you wish to forward.

This is arranged through your local phone company. We will take care of the technical side without causing you any hassle.

How can you get my messages to me?

We will get your messages to you any way that you choose. Text, Pager, Fax, Email, Voicemail and Online -  you choose one or multiple ways to reveiw or handle your calls.

Call us and we will figure out the best option for you!

You can have different message delivery instructions for different members of your staff. We said we customize according to your needs, and we truly mean it! Simply tell us what you need and we will be happy to provide it.

Can you transfer or connect my calls directly to me?

Yes, we can certainly do that. We will forward your calls to your preferred number, local or long distance.

What if I have my own toll-free number? Is it possible for you to answer those calls?

Yes, it is. You can call forward your 800 number to us like a standard telephone number.

Do you have back-up measures in place in case of a hardware or software failure?

We have invested in many redundant systems and maintain significant backup power options.  We are always working on new methods to make sure we are in business for you 24/7/365 no matter what.  

Is it possible for me to forward my cell phone to your answering service?

Yes, you can most definitely forward your cell phone to our answering service.

If I’m travelling overseas, can I still get my messages?

The best options for overseas clients are email and the online portal.  As long as you have internet capability, you can be in touch with your messages, callers and us.

Can I program my on-call schedule on your Web site or change it last minute?

We have an online web portal that will allow you to update your on call schedule in real time!  Our agents willl see your schedule the moment you enter it!

Can I make changes to my script as often as needed?

We encourage our clients to update us with anything new as often as needed.  If there are major scripting changes, we are happy to make them for you.  If the changes require significant time,we may charge a programming fee, but typical changes are usually done as part of our ongoing effort to work with you to provide great service!

Is it possible to record my own greeting for customers to hear when they call?

You can record your own greeting!  You can even have your own personalized music or advertisement play any time your caller may need to wait.  Ask us about this.

How soon can I start receiving your call center and answering services?

Usually, we can be ready for your calls within a few days.  It depends on the complexity of the account and how much training our agents may need.  So, give us a call, let us assess the time needed and we'll get you started!