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We go beyond just professional telephone answering! We are here to take orders, provide ad response, register callers for an event, answer odd or frequently asked questions, provide comfort, walk people through websites, communicate via web chat, answer email off your website, make appointments, take donations or pledges for your cause, etc. We are here for you. In a nutshell, we can do just about anything or we’ll help you figure out how it can be done!

One of the chief reasons clients choose Tel-Us is our ability to effectively handle a range of call responses. As part of a network of quality call centers—whether you anticipate a very high or a low volume response—we are equipped to deal with it professionally and cost effectively.

We customize our packages specifically to meet the needs of each person, business, or corporation with whom we work. We are completely prepared to be your full-time, peak-time, or after-hours call center. We partner with you to help grow your business and work diligently to assist your business with sales, enhance customer loyalty, and reduce costs for small, mid-size, and enterprise-level companies. We are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.

Whether your business is retail, service, medical, legal, financial, real estate, catering, property management, plumbing, IT or market research, Tel-Us will take care of your calls in a professional, expert, reliable, and prompt manner. Our staff becomes your staff. We strongly suggest visiting our website and giving us a call!

Tier 1 Customer Service

Answering General Questions - Help Desk

Most businesses have about 10 Frequently Asked Questions or FAQs. We can take care of the majority of your callers’ questions so they can move forward and place an order or resolve an issue. We can provide a competent and satisfying customer service experience for your valued customers.

Order Taking

We offer a complete solution to your order taking needs. Whether your caller has a few questions before they are ready to buy or they just want us to take their order, we are at their service! Our call center agents are patient and ensure the orders taken are accurate. We effectively communicate to your clients and make the experience hassle-free for them.

Email Response

If you need help answering email from your website, let’s talk! You can easily forward emails to our agents who can triage the nature of the email and either forward it to various people in your organization or we can reply with your customized and standard responses.

Since we are here 24/7, why should your website visitors have to wait for someone to respond the next business day? With Tel-Us, you can be sure that your clients will get timely, prompt, and appropriate responses to their emails. Quick replies enhance customer satisfaction and help grow your business further.

Web Chat

You want to capture the lead or sale and the website visitor wants answers...? Let us help solve both those goals.

Web Chat allows us to have a conversation with your visitor by typing instead of talking. So, for your visitors who refuse to call the toll free number you post, add another communication tool and let them “web chat” with us. This will add another human element to our fast-paced, electronic world.

We can create a library of answers using your own words, then, when we receive a question via a chat session, we just send back your desired response. If the question is not covered in our library, our trained agents can freely type in an answer or capture the caller’s information for a follow up the next business day.

Why make your website visitors wait for a response when we can be there 24/7/365? Our live agents can answer calls or chats as they are visiting your site. This keeps them from getting frustrated and checking on other sites for the same thing. Don’t lose sales because clients or potential clients visiting your website have a question or need help. Make your website technologically ready and let us be there for calls, chat, and email 24/7!

Non-Profits & Donation Lines

It’s no hidden fact that non-profit organizations need donations! Let our expert tele-receptionists be there to answer questions, capture data, give callers information, set appointments, take donations, forward urgent calls, and perform other tasks. This lessens the burden on your volunteer staff and it is also effective as an overflow to your current staff. No matter what the nature of your non-profit organization is, we are here to help and assist.

Seminar & Event Registration

When you schedule events, we can take the reservations or RSVPs 24 hours a day. Are you running ads to fill up a room for a seminar? Are you planning a one-time event? Let us make the process infinitely simpler by answering all the reservation calls. You get the guest list and we can even send a confirmation to the caller when the call is completed. Planning events is no longer a headache when you have us on your team!

Tech Support

We provide customized solutions for our Tech Support customers. If your company’s business is providing 24/7 tech support, we can make sure your on-call tech support can be reached when needed.

We can also provide a basic level of support to your callers—sometimes eliminating the need for the on-call tech.

We can be your Tier 1 support—handling frequently asked questions and solving everyday issues that come up. All calls are documented and we can create a ticket number too. Tickets can be emailed to multiple addresses for follow up and documentation. If the caller needs a higher level of help, we can send a ticket or reach the on-call technician.

Why pay higher level people to answer basic questions when you can have a team of agents 24/7 for a fraction of the cost? When you need the real technical experts on the call, we’ll reach them for you and give them the pertinent information they need to solve the problem. Or, we can connect them to the caller to handle their issue over the phone.

testimonialsWhat our customers have to say

Having used several answering services with different companies through the years, Tel-Us has exceeded expectations. The majority of our customer response is over the phone and we needed a reliable service to handle the ups and downs of a new direct response company. Tel-Us has had no problem delivering. Additionally, their defining attribute is ...

Ryan MillerKumato Labs

You are all so wonderful!!! Many thanks for the wonderful note and for always taking such good care of us!!! Sending our best to all of you!!! Felice & Roger

Felice FreemanInfectious Awareables

My best decision in my advertisement dollar was to hire Tel-Us to handle my incoming calls and secure my customer service by having someone answer all my calls 24 hours a day. I recommend Tel-Us to anyone who wants to secure a return on their advertising dollar.

Santos Lozoya Century 21 Community

Tel-Us Answering Service has been working with us since 2001. Their employees are prompt, efficient as well as courteous. It is a pleasure working with them. We look forward to the future with Tel-Us.


We've been working with Tel-Us since 2002. Stacy, Cheryl and the rest of the crew have been a pleasure to work with and we\'d highly recommend their services to anyone looking for a World Class call center. Tel-Us has always knocked one out of the park for us.

Dave Perron & Brad SondeckerProstate Cancer Foundation and Home Run Challenge